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2012 nissan altima problems

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Nissan altima specifications (4-door sedan)

with any comments or concerns. The Nissan Altima transmission problems involve the transmission jerking, failing, shifting roughly, and slipping while using.

Any of these problems can cause Nissan Altima transmission problems. It also allows you to connect an aux cord and connects to Bluetooth. Other than that, this is a very reliable car. So far, it has been extremely reliable.

The severity rating for this issue is There are user reports of the vehicle shaking violently while trying to accelerate, but the reports are not as many as other following and subsequent years. Of a sporty car, but with a pfoblems drive and style. I love the feature of the alerts on the dash that tells you when you are low on gas, low tire pressure, etc.

Although I have only had it for a little over a year, it is my primary car for a reason. It had about 32, miles on it.

Nissan altima

It gets about miles per gallon. Kaitlyn V on July 16, Helpful Reliable car with very minor but easily fixable issue. It feels like you are driving on air. The problem generally occurs at an average of 53, miles and has a severity rating of 8.

Engine: The base hp 2. It does not have any features that absolutely stand out other than the interior of the car feels very open and comfortable. It has an aux port, no Bluetooth music, but it does connect to your phone for hands free talking.

The Nissan Altima has 25 owner reviews & common problems reported by owners including transmission, tires, battery, stereo, alternator, clutch, engine. The main category that has problems with the Nissan Altima is the interior accessories, followed by electrical and engine issues. There is very minimal maintenance required.

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What are the reported problems? It is a great car for people who drive mid-distances as it can handle a decent amount of mileage.

The transmission issues involve the power train, with both automatic and manual transmission. It can seat at least 5 people which gives you plenty of space to sit.

Watch out for these common problems

It really has a smooth ride and excellent gas 2012 nissan altima problems. The Nissan Altima continues the trend of the Nissan with the defective trend of CVT transmission failure at aroundmiles. Although the transmission problems were prevalent during this year, the transmission issues were not as jissan as nissann engine concerns. Nissan Altima problems, lineup, fuel economy, pros and cons Updated: January 21, The Nissan Altima offers a snug, comfortable interior and sporty handling with a solid road feel.

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Nissan altima problems, lineup, fuel economy, pros and cons

The worst complaints are transmission, accessories - interior, and engine. I did make a trip to Omaha, NE in May and when I filled up I had just over 34 mpg hand calculated with a calculator 3 times. The severity rating for this issue is 7.

The main solution for the transmission stopping working is to replace the transmission. A common of a failing transmission is that you are having trouble putting your car in gear.

The Nissan Altima has problems & defects reported by Altima owners. The Nissan Altima is similar to the year in that it has a altija trend of the CVT transmission that generally happens atmiles. It is very important to understand that the transmission system is crucial for the proper running and functioning of your vehicle.

View all 69 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used Nissan Altima on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the Altima. Inthe Nissan Altima transmission problems involved the transmission slipping and jerking, problems with the automatic power train, and issues with the manual powertrain.

Around the Aktima Information Find out more about us in the press or read stories from drivers who praise our work. The interior is nice fabric color and feel. Performance is really good, it drives nice and smooth.

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Tatianna S on July 16, Helpful Love the console and feel. Nissan Altima interior. The engine cooling problems have caused at least 3 crashes, seven nissa, five injuries, and typically occur at around 76, miles. The Nissan Altima has other problem areas over the years, but the main issue we have found is the Nissan Altima transmission problems. Your car needs the transmission to drive.